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Jump Jive Cardiff
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Swing Dance has taken off across Britain....again
Check out our allied sites. Well worth visiting.

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As a new website we're still finding our way around.
We will update on a weekly basis, so please call again.

Swing Dance is now well established in South Wales.
Jump Jive Cardiff is out front and waving the flag.

Special thanks to those who...
Keep coming back for more punishment
Help clear away, week after week
Still see us as mates and not as just 'THE TEACHERS'
Bring yummy nibbles to share at dances
Help new starters to feel welcomed
Keep buying the Raffle Tickets


Many of our publicity fliers are bi-lingual. We will add dual language facilities to our pages where ever possible.
Thanks to Menna for all the help.

Stuart and Gill are Jump Jive Cardiff, 029 20592193.

What does this word LINDY really mean ?
Listen...I'm Not Dead Yet.